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TSL’s Dr Ngou receives Irene Manton Prize for Best Thesis

15 April 2022

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The Sainsbury Laboratory have announced that Dr Bruno Pok Man Ngou, who did his PhD with Prof. Jonathan Jones, Dr Pingtao Ding and Prof. Cyril Zipfel at The Sainsbury Laboratory, was awarded the 2022 Irene Manton Prize for best doctoral thesis in botany by the Linnean Society of London.

Every year, the Linnean Society awards several medals and awards to celebrate excellence in science, from botany to zoology.

The Linnean Society stated “Bruno’s PhD thesis on effector-triggered immunity in plant disease resistance reshaped fundamental understanding of the plant immune system, contributing to development of durably disease-resistant crops.”

During his time in the Jones lab, Bruno produced several excellent publications, with one stand-out contribution.

“Our winners have all shown inspirational ways forward.” says Dr Sandra Knapp, President of the Linnean Society.

“It is an honor to receive the Irene Manton Prize.” says Bruno, “I would like to thank my supervisory team (Jonathan Jones, Pingtao Ding and Cyril Zipfel) for their mentorship and support during my PhD. I would also like to thank all the TSL members for providing feedback to my work and creating a lively and supportive working environment.”

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