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Senior Park staff build new connections at the Senior Team Lunch

12 May 2023

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As the science park management entity for Norwich Research Park, one of Anglia Innovation Partnership’s (AIP) responsibilities is to add value by developing the community on site. Multi-disciplinary collaboration is a crucial part of innovation as it can lead to the creation of new products and services, or the application of existing technology to new industries. Bringing senior members of our community together to chat about their work helps build new connections and explore new opportunities.

That is why AIP holds quarterly senior team lunches, where it invites different senior members of the community each time, from both businesses and research organisations, to come and discuss their work over a lunch in Centrum’s meeting rooms. Our most recent lunch involved staff from UEA, Big C, Quadram Institute, AAH Software, Ikarovec and Space East. The conversation involved a bit of background on each person and then the group discussed things like ways that their organisations can support each other, the application of software to different scientific trials and how research on the park could be applied to space and satellite technology.

Anglia Innovation Partnership regularly holds events for the community and sometimes wider industry in all different forms. Coming up in June, the park has its second enterprise showcase event to share the latest research and business activity, there will also be a community BBQ and our third Quiz night. See more details for those on our events page!

Image Left to Right: Charles Ffrench-Constant (UEA), Alex Howard (AAH Software), Andrew Stronach (Quadram Institute), Andy Osborne (Ikarovec), Melanie Pascale (Big C), Simone Immler (Virilitas Labs), Roz Bird (AIP) and Stuart Catchpole (Space East/New Anglia LEP).

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