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Entomology and Insectary

Offers numerous services, including a low containment laboratory and glasshouse areas, training and supervision.

The Entomology and Insectary platform at the John Innes Centre is managed by a skilled team of entomologists with extensive experience in the husbandry of many different species of invertebrates, as well as in the design, undertaking and overseeing of a wide range of experiments.


Their main aim is to support excellent research within the John Innes Centre, but they are also seeking to engage in national and international collaborations with academic and commercial partners. The team follow high-quality quarantine standards and hold a Defra licence to import, rear and work with over forty different species of prohibited invertebrates.


Use the link below to go to our partner website and learn more, or if you can’t contact the staff for the facility directly please contact us by clicking here!

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