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Science Services

Science Services are available at Norwich Research Park to assist businesses and researchers working in Agri-biotech, Biomedical Science, Genetics, Health and Food.


The Biorepository helps support future scientific investigations by storing a rich source of human tissue samples.

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The Earlham Institute’s Biofoundry houses suites of laboratory automation that, together with their expertise in large-scale experimentation and synthetic biology, can be applied to numerous molecular and microbiological workflows.

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Germplasm Resources Unit

The Germplasm Resources Unit (GRU) at the John Innes Centre is an internationally recognised repository for the long-term curation and provision of UK strategic crop and crop-wild-relative germplasm(seeds or plant tissue) resources.

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Scientific Photography and Bioimaging

The John Innes Centre offers state of the art scientific photography and microscopic bioimaging services.

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Clinical Research Facility

The Clinical Research Facility at the Quadram Institute is home to a host of research initiatives to aid the development of new treatments and improve patient care.

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Norwich Electronic Assistive Technology Centre

NEAThome is a research facility fitted with the latest and best in AT equipment ranging from high tech electronics through to simple low tech devices.

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Single-cell Genomics

The Earlham Institute Single-cell Genomics team can support all stages of a single-cell genomics analysis, from cell isolation, to library preparation, sequencing and analysis.

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The Park services allow your project to be supported by leading professionals with a wealth of expertise.

Laboratory Space for your Business

Settle your business amongst a community of 3000+ researchers in our high-spec laboratories.

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Science Facilities

Academics and businesses can access world-leading facilities from across Norwich Research Park.

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