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HotHouse Bioengineering

Harnessing the chemistry capabilities of the plant kingdom to discover and develop new compounds for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and other uses.

HotHouse BioEngineering (HHBE) is founded on a body of work from the laboratory of Professor Anne Osbourn FRS MBE, at the John Innes Centre in the UK.

HHBE has the ability to rapidly identify and isolate entire biosynthetic pathways from members of the plant kingdom and reconstruct those pathways in other plants in a rapid and scalable manner.

We intend to deploy this technology to:

  • Provide commercial production systems for natural products, where the natural source is not sustainable or commercially viable.
  • Manipulate biosynthetic pathways to provide improved versions of bioactive compounds.
  • Build combinatorial biosynthetic libraries for discovery and development of new bioactive compounds.
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Recent News

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26 January 2023

‘Sponge on a string’ pilot launched by NNUH Endoscopy Unit

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23 January 2023

Meet the researcher working to control plant disease

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Recent Event

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Saturday, 11/02/2023 09:30

Norwich Science Festival 2023

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