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Earlham Institute

The Earlham Institute is a hub of life science research, training, and innovation focused on understanding the natural world through the lens of genomics. Their researchers apply the latest approaches in computational science and biotechnology to unravel the complexity of living systems to better understand, harness, and protect life on Earth.

The Institute brings together a unique combination of highly-skilled, multidisciplinary scientists with cutting-edge technology and platforms to deliver research impact in plant, animal and human health. These expert capabilities, alongside their advanced infrastructure and DNA sequencing technology, allow the Institute to use data-driven approaches to decode living systems and address fundamental biological questions.


As well as their research and innovation. The Earlham Institute also support the UK’s scientific community through four UKRI-BBSRC-funded National Capabilities, spanning genomics and single-cell analysis, access to their Biofoundry, advanced scientific training, and e-infrastructure for life science research.

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The Earlham Institute’s mission is to unravel the scale and complexity of biological systems to understand, benefit from, and protect life on Earth. The Institute’s strategy for achieving this ambitious goal focuses on four areas; data-intensive bioscience, technology development, systems and synthetic biology, and addressing urgent global challenges.


From understanding the mechanisms of diversity to developing more climate-resilient crops, scientists at the Earlham Institute work on a broad range of research areas. With a strong focus on developing the tools and technology needed to address key biological questions, its researchers are free to work across the life sciences – making major contributions in areas such as global food security, conservation efforts, and improving human health.

The Earlham Institute is one of eight institutes that receive strategic funding from UKRI Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council, as well as support from other research funders. The Institute is involved in a wide range of local, national, and international projects, partnering with academia and industry to deliver global impact.

The Earlham Institute is committed to supporting the translation of its research through strategic partnerships, research collaborations, student placements and employee exchanges, training, consultancy, contract research, services, and licensing. From idea to innovation, the Institute is committed to working with academic and industry partners to translate science into meaningful outcomes, delivering solutions to industrial challenges and realising impact at scale.

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