This is Our Vision

The new Norwich Research Park video will help us to promote our Vision “From the soil to our health, our Vision is to change lives and rethink society through pioneering research and innovation, reframing the future of research and delivering regional growth.”

The video positions Norwich Research Park as a global research centre for life sciences, agri-tech, bio-tech, medi-tech, bioinformatics and food & health and features the work of a number of organisations that are already undertaking world-leading research in these sectors to provide real-life applications that will change the lives of people around the world.

David Parfrey, our Chief Executive explains:

“We are conscious that, when making claims like this, we have to back that up with evidence. This video sets out our stall by showcasing some of the mind-blowing research that is currently being carried out here. We want this video to be our shop window to the world and for its content to be the start of a thought process that will result in more organisations from around the world wanting to come to Norwich. To do that we need to win their ‘hearts and minds’; that’s why the video focuses on the people, the research and real-life applications they are delivering, rather than bricks and mortar.

“We already have 150 businesses on the Park, with 12,000 people employed and 3,000 scientists and clinicians. Over the next two years, our aim is to grow this noticeably and to build a legacy for Norwich as one of the world’s most prominent science-based research centres. It’s important to have a Vision and for this to be shared. I believe this video provides clarity on our Vision.”

Our world, is changing, of that there is no question. From our soil to our health, we are facing new questions that to answer them effectively will require new ways of thinking.

Some of the biggest challenges we face include how we feed a growing population, prevent and treat chronic diseases and take our planet back from the brink of irreversible climate change. At Norwich Research Park we are building a community where people can discover the resolutions to many of these issues that will benefit both the health and welfare of the global population and the economic and employment prospects for Norwich and Norfolk.

The video features the research work of some of the organisations who are located on the Park, explaining what their visions are and the work they are currently delivering.