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Alliances & Networks

Norwich Research Park is home to a number of networks and alliances that bring together expert researchers from different organisations across our Park community. Each of these collaborations have their own focused area of expertise and help to foster new developments in research and innovation. This collaborative approach is critical in helping to achieve the Park’s vision.

Norwich Institute for Healthy Ageing

The Norwich Institute of Healthy Ageing (NIHA) develops and implements effective strategies to promote sustained population behaviour change, in order to improve physical and mental wellbeing. They are inter-disciplinary in their approach, examining human behaviours in an integrated way and delivering large-scale cohort and (pragmatic) intervention studies.

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Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development

The Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development (NISD) is a UK centre of excellence set up by partners on the Norwich Research Park to improve global food security which is threatened by the effects of climate change. NISD will focus on developing solutions to enable farmers all over the world to build resilience to variability in rainfall, periods of drought and more extreme and unpredictable weather events.

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Norwich Cancer Research Network

The Norwich Cancer Research Network showcases the breadth and depth of cancer research taking place on the Norwich Research Park, improving links between scientists, clinicians and research bodies and driving high quality research and open communication.

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Earth and Life Systems Alliance

The Earth and Life Systems Alliance (ELSA) is a strategic cornerstone of the Norwich Research Park. With its interdisciplinary approach to addressing the challenges of a changing climate, the Alliance not only carries out fundamental research but also applies the findings to real world scenarios.

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