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Science Research

Norwich Research Park uses scientific research into living systems to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges employing advanced techniques in fields such as plant biology, bioinformatics, microbiology and genomics.

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Facilities, services and tech platforms

Browse through the facilities, services and tech platforms that we have on Norwich Research Park! Discover our processes and how we use the latest innovations to drive discovery in plant health, wheat and grain research, and other key research topics.

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Agri Bio-Tech

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Industrial Bio-Tech

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Food, Health & Microbiome

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Climate and the Environment

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Medical Research

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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

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Park Partners

Our Partners include four world-leading research institutes, a university and a university hospital all within walking distance of each other. This community supports innovative thinking and delivers ideas to drive positive changes in society through plant science research, bioinformatics, genomics, food and medical research and microbiology.

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Park Organisations

The Park has a total community of over 40 businesses working across a number of disciplines as either physical or virtual tenants. These companies are a critical part of the Park’s vision as businesses can turn plant biology and human health research into real-world applications such as resistant crops, plant health and more nourishing food to benefit people’s lives.

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Digital visualisation of coronavirus


During the Covid-19 Pandemic the Norwich Research Park community came together to help in a number of big ways, including producing face shields, supporting care workers and developing testing.

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Alliances & Networks

With so many fantastic organisations working so closely, a number of alliances and networks have formed on the Park to share research and expertise in similar fields. Discover what our community can do by working together in areas such as food and health research, plant science, microbiology and genomics.

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Norwich Research Park Image Library

The Norwich Research Park image library contains a collection of high-quality scientific images from research organisations across the park that are free to use with attribution.

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Scientists on the Park collaborate to share their expertise and work towards solving global challenges

Growth & Support

Find out why Norwich Research Park is a great place for life science businesses to grow and thrive.

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Research Facilities

Discover the facilities that help make our research possible.

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