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What our customers say

Customer Testimonials

Orr Yarkoni, CEO of Colorifix said: “Norwich Research Park has been a great place to grow and develop our business. The park has been very supportive in helping us to operate and having access to great scientific minds has really aided our thinking. As we continue to expand over the next few years, we look forward to growing our team and become a greater part of the Norfolk business community.”



Mick Pearce, CEO of Green Cormorant, said “I’m really excited to be launching the GuanoBoost products to the UK this year. It’s a proven product, that has a great following with home gardeners and farmers in South Africa, used successfully on a vast variety of plants and soil types. It’s reducing reliance on chemical inputs and pesticides and increasing yields, plant grading and soil health.

“The Norwich Research Park virtual tenancy is fantastic. I’ve just joined and am looking forward to becoming further entrenched in its amazing community and developing close linkages with the research facilities and other innovative companies already on campus.”



TraitSeq’s Josh Colmer said: “Winning a year’s free virtual tenancy at Norwich Research Park is proving to be enormously helpful in developing our product. Being able to rent office space at Centrum just when we need to is a big plus. We also benefit from the networking, brand awareness, access to funding and collaboration opportunities not to mention that having Norwich Research Park as our address will certainly help to open doors for us.”



Julie Worth, General Manager of Grindecks Kalceks UK, said: “As the general manager of a new UK pharmaceutical company,  I am proud to be leading our journey of growth and innovation within  Norwich Research Park’s community. We have found a collaborative and inspiring space that supports both new and established businesses.

“The transition from a virtual presence to a physical tenant represents an important step forward. With the invaluable support of the Anglia Innovation Partnership team and the robust infrastructure at Norwich Research Park, we are poised to accelerate our growth in providing complex generic medicines to the NHS.”



John Farley, CEO of iBoxit, said, “There is a huge amount of potential at Norwich Research Park to translate the ground-breaking research conducted here into practical and tangible outputs that can offer credible solutions for some of the key challenges we face in areas such as sustainability. Having UEA on campus meant we could develop ideas quickly and with the support we received from Anglia Innovation Partnership we can gain access to things like pre-seed and seed funding, use of top class facilities and a network of contacts; everything an emerging company needs. Throw in the brilliant location on the outskirts of Norwich and the vibrant community on campus and you have a pretty compelling proposition for any company wanting to start out or grow.”



John Farley, CEO of Ankose, said, “We have a great opportunity here in Norwich to create new 21st century businesses that are rooted in the breakthrough research that is happening at Norwich Research Park. I have been fortunate in my relationships with UEA to have found a couple of areas of research that we believe can translate into genuine and credible businesses that at their heart also deliver genuine benefits for the good of society.

“Being able to spin-out business ideas and develop them on campus is a real advantage. The support we get from Anglia Innovation Partnership in helping us with things like a virtual tenancy, access to pre-seed and seed funding and introduction to future investors and networks is highly valued. And the beauty is if we are successful there is plenty of room to grow here with land to build on and a great potential pipeline of employees from the university and the research institutes.”



John Farley, managing director of Ediform, said: “Having an address at Centrum on Norwich Research Park adds immediate credibility to any business and instils confidence in your customers, suppliers and partners. Centrum itself has wonderful facilities such as the meeting rooms and the atrium café where you can easily meet and collaborate with other people on the campus. For Ediform’s development, having the university hospital and university on the same campus is really beneficial as we need their expertise to help us to develop our products and networks. And having a fully functional reception desk for us to use means we know out visitors are looked after the moment they set foot at the Park.”

Fame Nardwattanawong, Co-Founder of MVPea, said, “Norwich Research Park is a fantastic place for us to establish ourselves. Having the UEA and the other world-leading research institutes on the same campus gives us the opportunity to develop our products more quickly. We have great people to collaborate with and excellent facilities alongside the support we receive from Anglia Innovation Partnership.”



Dr Nicolas Burton, joint managing director of Inspiralis said, “The benefits of being located here at Norwich Research Park are huge. We remain close to the academic labs at both the John Innes Centre and UEA and our interactions with the researchers and scientists in both institutions have led to new products being developed. Being in close vicinity to these two institutions as well has the hospital and the three other world-leading research institutes means we have a healthy pipeline of people to recruit from who have the right skillsets. We are also very supportive of undergraduate students and PhD researchers joining us for experience because science in a commercial enterprise is now a very viable and credible career choice. And in terms of location, we have Norwich and Stansted airports nearby for our export business to work well.”



Dr Andrew Osborne, Head of Biology at Ikarovec, said, “ Norwich Research Park has fantastic facilities for emerging and growing companies. Our lab space is affordable, and the park offers access to specialist equipment unaffordable to a start-up. We’re fortunate to have close links with the University, the Quadram Institute, and consultants at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Our work also allows the sharing of expertise. We’re currently taking part in a student recruitment exercise, whereby we can directly hire university graduates. It’s amazing having all this on our doorstep.”



Steve Dorling, CEO of Weatherquest, said, “The inter-disciplinary work carried out across the campus is really valuable. We have a pool of dedicated and enthusiastic plant science, agri-food, climate change and data mining experts we can speak to across the Park. The campus is a fantastic working environment, not least because we have Earlham Park, the UEA SportsPark and top-class facilities on our doorstep. It makes for a really productive environment for our team. And when it comes to recruitment, having the university next door means we can attract top quality people, including really talented students.”



Tim Pryce, Executive Chair of CellExcel, said, “There are major benefits to CellExcel of working with great associates at both UEA and Norwich Research Park. Firstly, they provide a great technical resource, right on our doorstep, but critically, the team at Anglia Innovation Partnership LLP, the science park management company at Norwich Research Park that manages campus-wide initiatives, facilitated pre-seed funding that enabled us to prepare our business plans, retain talented staff and introduce key people drivers, within multi-national global businesses. It’s provided a great launch pad for Cellexcel and will be able to do the same  for other spin-out companies.”



Dr Sean Bew, associate professor at UEA’s School of Chemistry, and founder of IsoChemiX, said, “Being based at Norwich Research Park is ideal for us, as not only do we have the chemistry expertise on site, we have a great support infrastructure that helps us with things like seed funding and contacts that are critical in the development of a start-up business.”



Dr Cathrina Edwards, of PulseON Foods Ltd said, “Our patented PulseON® whole-cell pulse flour is founded on more than six years of scientific research by academics at the internationally renowned King’s College London and here at the world-class Quadram Institute at Norwich Research Park.

“We are very fortunate to be based at Norwich Research Park because not only do we have world-class facilities and some of the top researchers in the world to work with, we can also tap into support from Anglia Innovation Partnership for help with funding, contacts and space to grow. We are at that exciting stage where we are certain that our ‘product’ is fit for market and we can now work on scaling up the business to employ more people and meet the expected increase in demand for our flour. There is plenty of space for companies like ours to grow and flourish here and we can’t wait to start on the next phase of our growth.”

Partner Testimonials

Prof Ian Clark, Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology at UEA, who is leading HealthUEA, said, “We are in a very fortunate position of having such esteemed research partners at Norwich Research Park, who naturally tend to work in a collaborative way. The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Quadram Institute, Earlham Institute, John Innes Centre and The Sainsbury Laboratory are all on the university’s doorstep which is an extremely unusual and immensely beneficial situation to be in. That doesn’t necessarily mean that researchers across the whole Park are aware of everything that each other is doing. HealthUEA will do its best to help bring research partners together, where this can bring additional benefits on top of the individual outcomes.”

Investor Testimonials

Dr Jason Mellad, CEO and Co-founder of Start Codon, said, “Norwich Research Park should double-down on what makes it unique, which is agritech, biotech and health & wellness, where there is a high level of potential.”



Dr Alsheikh-Ali, deputy director-general of the Dubai Health Authority, said, “There is an immense concentration of talented scientists and researchers at Norwich Research Park. Meeting these world-leading thinkers, all of whom are tackling the biggest medical and technical challenges facing humanity, has inspired us to pursue an even deeper level of partnership with the UK and the region.”