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Norwich Research Park to host ‘Enterprise Wednesday’

12 January 2023

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Enterprise Wednesday will showcase the wide range of R & D and commercialisation activity taking place at Norwich Research Park.

Join us for an exciting and eclectic mix of quick-fire presentations highlighting our innovative and world leading research.

Hear from our entrepreneurial researchers and ground-breaking businesses talking about the benefits of being part of our diverse community, which brings together multi-disciplinary teams to find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Norwich Research Park has a unique ecosystem in the UK with four specialist research institutes, a teaching hospital, a top 20 university and over 40 companies, working together as a powerful cluster of activity, specialising in food and nutrition, and crop production and resilience, applied to the effects of climate change and improvements to human health.

The event includes the opportunity to network and build connections.

Roz Bird, CEO of AIP, the company responsible for the Norwich Research Park campus, said, “In the past Norwich Research Park has been called a ‘hidden gem’ the achievements are well-known by the specialists in a particular field but not widely known. I want to change that, to ensure all the potential scientific and business collaboration opportunities are unlocked.

This is why the AIP team will host a number of ‘showcase’ events in 2023 to provide our amazing community with a platform, and invite a wide range of people, from the research community and the business community, to come and listen and start to consider the true potential for collaboration with our unique cluster.

With 100,000 sq ft built, and let to 40 companies, and 1.5m sq ft of planning consent there are many opportunities, now and in the future, for companies to join Norwich Research Park and benefit from the skills pool, access to specialist facilities and a community of mutual regard to help attract and retain the best people.

I wanted to call this event ‘Enterprise Wednesday’ as homage to Hermann Hauser, Walter Herriot and Shai Vyakarnam. Their work in the early 2000s, in Cambridge UK, inspired me to bring people together like this. I attended many ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ events at the Engineering Department where a wide range of topics would be discussed, and people stretched their thinking, and imagination, to understand all the topics. It was inspiring to see an audience engaging in this way.

Norwich Research Park, with its wide range of research activity and new business opportunities, can inspire and help to solve problems in the same way today.”

We really look forward to welcoming you.

When: Wednesday, 22 February 2023, 14:00–17:00
Where: John Innes Conference Centre
Register you interest here


This event is part of the Connected Innovation programme from New Anglia LEP. It is made possible by the Norfolk Strategic Fund and the Suffolk Inclusive Growth Investment Fund.

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