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Norwich Research Park taxi wrap ‘takes science to next level’

12 June 2024

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Norwich Research Park has unveiled a striking ‘taxi wrap’ as part of its new brand awareness marketing campaign to promote its credentials as a world-leading science community and an ideal place to start up and grow businesses.

Created by Anglia Innovation Partnership, the campus management organisation at Norwich Research Park, the campaign is headlined ‘Together we are taking science to the next level’.

It features images of individuals from the Park who are either working at one of the 40 plus companies based there or are involved in starting up a business from the research taking place on campus.

The individuals and organisations featured on the taxi are:

  • Sami Sciuto, Coloration QC Lead at Colorifixwhich uses DNA sequencing and nature’s own colours to create sustainable dyes that reduce the fashion industry’s use of water and harmful chemicals. Its natural dyes cut chemical pollution by 80pc and save vast quantities of water.
  • Jack Peart, Chief Business Officer at Tropic, which is developing new disease-resistant strains of the Cavendish banana using its gene editing technology.
  • Rosaria Campilongo, CEO and co-founder of PfBIO – a spinout that is producing bacteria-based products as alternatives to synthetic agrochemicals to promote plant health and protect crops from major agricultural diseases.
  • Natassja Bush, managing director of Inspiralis, which produces kits with enzymes called DNA topoisomerases that are used in the development of antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs.
  • Sheng Qi, Professor of Pharmaceutical Material Science and Technology at the University of East Anglia (UEA), who is collaborating with a number of spinout companies including iBoxit that has developed alternative, environmentally-sustainable packaging for the transportation of fish and seafood that uses a mix of existing plastic and a plant-based composite.
  • Dr Vicky Foster, head of the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO), who works in partnership with the sugar beet industry to research how to tackle diseases such as Virus Yellows.

As well as raising awareness with local people ‘out and about’ in Norwich, the taxi will be used to enhance the arrival experience of guests to the Park by picking them up from both the rail station and airport.

Roz Bird, CEO of Anglia Innovation Partnership, said: “I am delighted to see the launch of our ‘Together we are…’ brand awareness campaign with such a striking taxi wrap. This is part of our drive to increase awareness and understanding of the fantastic research that is carried out at Norwich Research Park and the opportunities it opens up for both spinout and start-up businesses, as well as investors.

“Whether it’s Tropic saving the Cavendish banana, PfBIO developing a new sustainable fertiliser or Colorifix changing the face of the fashion industry with its nature-based dyes, we have so many amazing individuals working across the Park community. We want to inspire people locally and encourage them to consider how they can engage and benefit from the developments at Norwich Research Park.

“By showcasing the people that are working at the Park, we hope that we will encourage more entrepreneurs and business owners to base themselves here and for more investors and funding bodies to take notice of the opportunities we offer,” Roz added.

“As one of the largest research communities in Europe, offering access to specialist technology platforms, networks and expertise, I have no doubt that we will succeed in finding solutions to some of the world’s most critical problems such as food security whilst, importantly, creating new jobs for our local economy.”

We encourage anyone who sees the taxi out and about in Norwich or takes a ride in it to let us know by tagging @NorwichResearch on X or ‘Norwich Research Park’ on Linkedin!

Competition – a chance to win £100 of YALM Food Hall (Norwich) vouchers!

We are currently also holding a competition with the EDP based on the taxi and to enter, all you need to do is email your answer to the question below along with your name and phone number to with the subject line ‘Norwich Research Park‘ by Friday 21st June 2024.

The British Beet Research Organisation is working in partnership with British Sugar to develop a strain of sugar beet that will be more resistant to what disease?

A. Canary Yellows B. Virus Beet Rot C. Virus Yellows

Images: The new Norwich Research Park taxi with the Rosaria Campilongo and Natassja Bush, as well as the whole Anglia Innovation Partnership team. Credit: Chris Ball Photography

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