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Norwich Research Park takes awareness raising to the next level with new ‘brand campaign’

20 November 2023

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Following the appointment of Roz Bird, as the CEO of campus-management company Anglia Innovation Partnership (AIP), we knew it would not take too long for the marketing of Norwich Research Park to start to ‘ramp up’, based on her experience as a marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and ‘ramp up’ it has, with the launch of a new brand awareness campaign, ‘Together we are…’

Focusing on the diverse range of people working in research, innovation, and enterprise, on the campus, the new brand campaign puts the value of the special science community ‘front and centre’.

“The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to engage with us and ultimately to join our community.” Says Roz. “With 30,000 people working here every day, including over 30 companies, and 1.6m sq ft of planning consent we are one of the largest research clusters in Europe.”

“The role of the AIP team is to help maximise all the publicly funded research by attracting businesses that want to benefit from the skills pool and the technology platforms. We now also have a successful campus-wide enterprise strategy which helps new start-ups and spinouts.

Our aim is to be a force for good and economic prosperity locally, nationally, and internationally, and to do that we need to make sure that all the people that work here, on the park, have access to great amenities, the chance to get to know each other as a unique entrepreneurial community and to make it easy for companies to attract and retain staff.

The brand campaign includes images and quotes from business leaders on the park campus including:

  • Jack Peart, Chief Business Officer at Tropic
  • Natassja Bush, Managing Director at Inspiralis
  • Rosaria Campilongo, CEO, Director and Co-founder of PfBio
  • Sami Sciuto, Senior Laboratory Technician, Colorifix
  • Sheng Qi, Professor of Pharmaceutical Material Science and Technology, UEA
  • Vicky Foster, Head of BBRO.

Vicky Foster from BBRO said “I was really pleased to be asked to participate in this campaign promoting the great work and collaborations that take place on the NRP.  Future expansion of the NRP is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see who we could collaborate with in the future, as new companies join the park.”

Farrel O’Keeffe, Marketing Communications Manager, for AIP LLP, commented, “I have really enjoyed putting this campaign together because it has given me the chance to work with some of the interesting companies based on campus. I was really pleased with the response we received from the companies. It is great to see our new marketing materials on our website, socials and on new banners, which we’ll use at our events. We want to spread the word and encourage people to engage with us and benefit not just from all the research and innovation that goes on but also from the community atmosphere that helps people to collaborate and feel part of something special.”

Following the brand campaign launch on Monday 20th November, a new brand brochure and a special new taxi wrap will follow shortly…. Watch out for more awareness raising initiatives…..taking Norwich Research Park to the next level!

Together we are taking science to the next level.
Together we are Norwich Research Park.


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