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Meet the software developer making research studies easier

07 September 2022

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We recently caught up with Alex Howard, an experienced business manager and software developer, to discover more about AAH Software Ltd. and what its like being part of the Norwich Research Park business community. 

What does AAH Software Ltd do?

“AAH Software develops bespoke research study and participant management software for scientific and academic clients. Our aim is to reduce the administrative burden of large studies by automating tasks and to enable better engagement of research from participants through remote, online, methods.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched an off-the-shelf solution called Mantal ( Mantal is highly sophisticated and offers premium, world class software at a fraction of the cost of bespoke development.

We work with many high profile universities but are especially proud to be working with the UEA in our home city of Norwich.”

Why is AAH’s work important and who’s it for?

“AAH Software’s goal is to bring premium tools to research studies at reasonable prices. Our approach enables projects with lower grant awards to access the same tools as high profile studies and to deliver world class research without budget restrictions.

Furthermore, Mantal is completely free for small, student, projects and feasibility studies of less than 35 users.

The research that we have been a part of has led to significant breakthroughs that have had life changing results for those involved and those impacted by similar conditions.

This is the reason we do what we do and why we are so proud of the projects we support.”

What’s it like being part of the Norwich Research Park community?

“Being part of the Norwich Research park really helps to raise our profile and credibility for new clients.

The site offers great facilities with formal meeting rooms and the more casual café and outdoor space, which are great for meeting clients or working remotely.

We are proud to be working with the UEA and the Research Park staff, and networking events have also introduced us to other areas that we may not have had access to without them.”

What are some exciting things you have coming up in the future?

“We are about to start a very exciting 4 year project to investigate the connection between hearing loss and dementia.

We cannot say much about this at the moment, but that it will involve thousands of participants and the development of new auditory cognitive tests.”

To find out more about Mantal you can visit the website or you can head over to the AAH website here!

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