Genome Enterprise Limited

Genome Enterprise Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary company through which commercial entities can access the high-throughput genomics and synthetic biology services from the Earlham Institute.

Earlham Institute is focused on exploring living systems by applying computational science and biotechnology to answer ambitious biological questions and generate enabling resources.

High-throughput ‘next-generation’ sequencing platforms include HiSeq 4000, 2500 and MiSeq, Pacific Biosciences RSII/Sequel and Oxford Nanopore technologies. Optical mapping (BioNano Genomics Irys), linked-long read (10X Chromium) and single-cell applications (10X Chromium, Fluidigm C1) are also available, as well as the ability to create synthetic biology constructs in an automated laboratory.

Services include the full repertoire of sequencing activities from exome/targeted capture, RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq, Iso-Seq, whole genome sequencing and assembly, genome resequencing and metagenomics. This is backed by a professional project management team, expert lab staff and dedicated bioinformaticians.

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