Lunchtime Seminar - Business Boosting



Location: Centrum, Norwich Research Park


Like it or not, we are all selling something. Yet too many people never fully embrace this simple concept. Selling doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive or pushy, but you most certainly have to be heard and get your message across clearly. In this workshop we will explore some simple concepts that make a real difference – and they are all free and easy to implement when you know how.

We will explore the 3 business multipliers that should be at the very core of all of our sales and marketing – blindingly obvious once you hear them explained.  This leads onto the 8 Business Boosters that will get your messages across, loud and clear and more importantly to the right audience.

Delegates will have access to a number of workbooks that accompany the seminar, to ensure the message is explained clearly and succinctly too.

Neil Foley has delivered over 300 workshops on how to grow small businesses, to business owners across the county, representing every possible sector. It will be practical, hands on and interactive!  If you want to know more, his website can be found here: or drop him a line

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