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From the Launch of our Vision to COVID-19: A Chronicle

19 November 2021

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In 2018 we created a vision that would help lead us all the way to 2030.

“From the soil to our health; Norwich Research Park’s Vision is to change lives and rethink society through pioneering research and innovation, reframing the future of research and delivering regional growth.”

Nearly three years on we want to share our story so far. To do that we’ve created a book that we are calling our chronicle. In the book we show lots of different parts of that journey, including how we’ve grown, built our profile and given back to our community. We want everyone to know how far we’ve come as a Park and the great things our community have achieved together.

Our chronicle also takes the opportunity to discuss the challenge of taking everything we’ve learnt from the past 12 months and using it to define a ‘new normal’. We believe we have an excellent chance to rethink the way things are done and improve, rather than just going back to the way things were.

Read our Chronicle here!


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