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Celebrating Bike Week and Green Travel with businesses based at Norwich Research Park!

20 June 2024

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During national Bike Week, (10-16th June) the Norwich Research Park campus management team hosted a breakfast for people cycling to work.

The initiative is part of a campus strategy to encourage more people to choose greener commuting options.

Bike Week is the UK’s biggest awareness-raising moment of the year, for cycling, and a chance to celebrate. It’s a time to remember all the positives that riding a bike can bring, both to health and wellbeing, as well as the wider impacts on our communities and the planet.

To celebrate the week and encourage as many people from the businesses on campus to cycle to work as possible, the AIP team offered a free breakfast of a bacon or sausage roll to anyone who agreed to cycle in to work. On top of that, a bike ‘doctor’ was brought in to offer a free bike check-up to identify and fix any broken parts throughout the morning.

It was great to see members of the community joining in and bringing along their bikes and having a chat about all things cycling-related over breakfast!

For more information about travelling to Norwich Research Park by bike see our sustainable travel information.

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