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A national capability supported by the BBSRC

The conservation, maintenance and provision of verified, well characterised germplasm resources are essential in underpinning large sections of the UK and international bioscience community and related industries. Such ex-situ resources are central in providing the necessary genetic variation for plant scientists, biochemists and food scientists and are a vital resource for breeders for screening for novel traits and adaptive variation for use in crop improvement. They also act as important repositories for reference stocks for published material.

The Germplasm Resource Unit (GRU) at John Innes Centre provides a nationally unique resource, maintaining germplasm resources and associated information for the benefit of both John Innes Centre and the broader research community. The collections are unique representing the most comprehensive resources of UK small grain cereal germplasm in addition to the John Innes pea collection. The main public germplasm collections curated by the GRU have been formally registered as part of the Multilateral System of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture operated under the auspices of the FAO.