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We provide state-of-the-art imaging facilities, including both light and electron microscopes, accessible to all NRP staff and available to external customers, both academic and industrial. Use of the equipment is on two main levels: full service (we do it all for you) with the emphasis on collaborative projects, or you can use it yourself once fully trained, with our ongoing technical support.

Facility staff can provide full training and technical support to suit everyone, from total beginners to those who are more experienced.


We can also provide certain sample preparation services to free up your valuable time. We cater for a wide range of life-science imaging requirements with expertise in animal cells, plants and microbes and limited experience in materials science (see Environmental Analysis for microscopy equipment and expertise more suited to materials science applications).

We have some laboratory space for specimen preparation, imaging suites where the microscopes are located and computer workstations which are dedicated for image analysis, 3D-reconstruction, deconvolution and archiving. We can also offer advice on techniques, experimental design, image interpretation and image analysis. Where the work requires a specialist technique or our extensive input, we will generally collaborate with the scientists, resulting in a joint publication.

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Confocal microscopy

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