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The Earlham Institute (EI) hosts the BBSRC National Capability in Genomics (NCG). The NCG is delivered by the EI's Platforms & Pipelines and Scientific Computing Groups. The NCG provides access to state of the art genomics and computing technologies to a wide research community.

The NCG has four core objectives:

  • To provide state of the art sequencing and technology platforms in a high throughput capacity
  • To provide a competitive facility to enable the UK research community to work towards the BBSRC strategic priorities in food security, bioenergy and basic bioscience underpinning health
  • To enable scientific impact through provision of cutting edge protocols and analysis
  • To provide a national resource for surveillance and emergency response if there is a requirement for sequencing or bioinformatics expertise

The Platforms & Pipelines Group can provide the full workflow for genomics projects from advice on experimental design, a full suite of sequencing applications, single-cell analysis, access to all commercially available sequencing technologies and bespoke bioinformatics so that researchers are able to start deriving knowledge from the data generated as soon as a project is completed.

The Scientific Computing Group provides the computational capacity to support the bioinformatics analysis and provides the ability to run analyses on large clusters, through to the largest UK installation of the high-memory SGI UV2000 platform.