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These laboratories are part of the Environmental Analytical Facility and house a number of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers for the analysis of both solid and liquid samples. The facility is split into two main areas one which focuses mainly on routine analysis, albeit for novel research, and the other is a more specialised research and development lab.

In the routine analysis lab, the laboratory team train staff and students in the analytical techniques used within the laboratory and, once trained, users can book the instruments to carry out their own analysis. Collaboration and consultancy enquiries are welcomed by the R&D lab.

The laboratories provide an analytical service to the Norwich Research Park community and enquiries are also welcome from companies outside the Research Park.

Paul Dennis is the Scientific Head of the Facility and specializes in the research and development aspects of the laboratory and is happy to discuss potential collaborative projects with interested parties.

All initial enquiries should be addressed to Liz Rix the Laboratory Manager.