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Lecture by Professor Tim Benton- UK Champion for Global Food Security

This event has now taken place.

UEA Lecture Theatre 1



7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

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Demand for food is growing fast, due to population growth, the burgeoning global middle class and increased urbanisation, yet contraints on production growth are severe. Climate change is already impacting negatively on global yeilds; there is effectively no more available land for agriculture other than rainforests and deserts; agriculture currently utilises 70% of the world's available fresh water resources. Yet the projected demand for growth for food is 60% or more by mid century.

To what extent, then, can we grow more food per unit area and do it sustainably? What, and where is the scope for 'sustainable intensification' to work? And is sustainable intensification cannot meet demand, what can we do instead?

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