To Barberry, or not to Barberry: that is the question - Read our Executive Chair's blog

2 April 2019

One of the really exciting things about science is that there are many ways that anybody can get involved. Here at Norwich Research Park, it is one of our ambitions for people to know who we are, and to be actively interested in what we do. Whether it is helping to ensuring the world’s growing population has enough food in the future, or bringing new ways to help our health, the science at Norwich Research Park is of global significance, and we want people to know. Now here is a real opportunity for getting involved in a project that will make a difference to a number of things.

Common barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is a bush that has been in UK since medieval times, in fact many of us may be growing the Berberis garden variety ourselves, however it plays a complex role in our environment. On the one hand it provides a vital habitat for biodiversity, for example the endangered barberry carpet moth, on the other hand it can overwinter fungal rusts which can then go on infect crops, such as wheat. On 3rd April our Park Partner, the John Innes Centre is launching a project to help UK conservation practices preserve our wildlife, whilst also informing crop security strategy, and it needs your help.

All you need to get involved with this science is a smartphone. You can get involved by heading to their launch event on 3rd April (6pm – 9pm) at the John Innes Conference Centre here on Norwich Research Park. You will be able to find out more about this and conservation efforts across the UK, and how you can get involved and help. For more information and to register follow the link click here