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At Norwich Research Park there is a multidisciplinary approach whereby clinical researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs work collaboratively to drive innovation and deliver new products in to the market place.

Research Focus


Gastroenterology research focuses on intestinal inflammation and the interaction of the gut microbiome. Specific areas of research interest range from microbial host interactions in the gut to the use of commensal bacteria as therapeutic agents.

Medical Microbiology

Particular areas of interest include gastrointestinal microbiology in relation to food, water and health and the development and evaluation of molecular methods for profiling infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

Anti-Microbial Resistance

A multi disciplinary approach to antimicrobial research is taken which includes microbiology, diagnostics, synthetic and natural product chemistry, enzymology, and structural biology.


The increased use of prosthetics and implants has resulted in an increase in the pathology caused by biofilms (the adhesion of microorganisms to a surface). The Norwich Biofilms Group work to develop rapid diagnosis and eradication of biofilms.

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Key Research Organisations

  • Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Trust: one of the largest hospitals in the UK, combines high-quality clinical and laboratory services with active research programmes.

  • The Earlham Institute: one of the UK leading institutes of world scale, applying genomics and bioinformatics to advance plant, animal and microbial research.

  • University of East Anglia: UK top 15 university, world top 1% and world leader in environmental sciences with major faculties in Science and Medicine.

  • Eastern Academic Health Science Network: one of 15 health networks (AHSNs) set up to spread innovation at pace and scale across the healthcare system – in order to achieve the ultimate goals of both improving health and generating economic growth.

Norwich Research Park is also home to a wide variety of science based businesses including

  • Health Economics Consulting: providers of comprehensive Health Technology Assessments for sponsors of new products.

  • Inspiralis: Suppliers of high quality research products to both the pharmaceutical industry and academia supported by our highly trained and experienced scientific staff.

  • Iceni Diagnostics: Developers of rapid diagnostic testing technique using nano gold particles employing recent discoveries in glyco-biology.


  • Biorepository: Provides an invaluable service to both academic and business communities. Designed to encourage and enable research, the Biorepository is a dedicated, well-equipped human tissue facility.
  • Clinical Trials Unit: An effective platform for the conduct of high quality clinical trials, it also provides a forum for training and methodological advancement in trial design, conduct and analysis.
  • Disease Modelling Unit (DMU): A Wellcome Trust-Funded laboratory for the study of the mechanisms of human diseases. This unit contains a germ-free facility and a containment level 3 laboratory for handling pathogenic organisms as well as advanced in vivo imaging technologies.


  • Space: wide range of commercial laboratories and offices on flexible leases with access to shared laboratory facilities and equipment.
  • Amenities: café, meeting rooms, free on-site parking and Wi-Fi for visitors.

Park Occupier Benefits

  • Timebank providing free business mentoring by professional service providers.
  • Enterprise Zone business rate discounts.
  • UK Science Park Association and One Nucleus membership benefits. Discounted meeting room rates.
Med BioTech

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