The Sainsbury Laboratory


The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) is a world-leading research institute working on the science of plant-microbe interactions.

TSL has developed an enviable reputation for the quality of its fundamental scientific research but is also committed to delivering science solutions that reduce crop losses to important diseases.

TSL provides an outstanding training environment that prepares postgraduate students, postdoctoral scientists and early career project leaders to excel in their careers. Four of its scientists were named by Thomson Reuters in the top 1% of highly cited scientists across the world and many scientists who have passed through the Laboratory have continued their careers in prestigious laboratories and institutes around the world.

TSL scientists are engaged in daring, long-term research investigating fundamental processes of plant interactions with pathogens. This includes work on plant disease resistance genes, the biology of pathogen effector proteins, innate immune recognition in plants, signalling and cellular changes during plant-microbe interactions, plant and pathogen genomics, and biotechnological approaches to crop disease resistance.

Each of The Laboratory's scientific groups has research projects which expand on fundamental research from the laboratory and use it with the aim of reducing worldwide losses to crop diseases. This applied aspect of the laboratory’s research is encompassed within the TSL+ programme. Current TSL+ projects include the discovery, engineering and deployment of novel immune receptors in crops, as well as genome editing tools that will enable the generation of novel alleles for crop improvement. The Two Blades Foundation, a US-based charitable organisation that supports programmes of research and development on durable disease resistance, has a research group established within TSL which focuses solely on work that falls under the TSL+ programme.

Research Group Leaders: Jonathan Jones, Sophien Kamoun, Ksenia Krasileva, Matthew Moscou, Silke Robatzek, Cyril Zipfel, Peter van Esse

The Sainsbury Laboratory
Norwich Research Park

+44 (0)1603 450400

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