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IFR Norwich Research Park

The Institute of Food Research (IFR) is a world-leader in research harnessing food for health and preventing food-related diseases. Strategically funded by the BBSRC, it is the only publicly-funded institute in the UK wholly dedicated to the food science, diet and health agenda.

Research at IFR is focussed on the biological, physical and chemical nature of food and how it interacts with the body to influence health. In addition IFR has leading edge skills in foodborne microbial pathogens. Institute scientists are also advancing understanding of fundamental biological processes within the gut, involving the interaction between food, the microbes that live in the GI-tract and the human gut epithelium. The Institute is uniquely positioned to contribute to understanding how food can enhance health, thus contributing to the quality of life of individuals and the economy of the nation.

IFR plays a lead role in developing durable cooperation and collaboration in global partnerships in food and health. The Institute has a special role in ensuring application of its science to increase industrial effectiveness. Its Food & Health Network is a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration between science and industry.

IFR Extra provides rapid, confidential food science consultancy and bespoke food research service to the food sector, providing expertise, training and analysis along with direct access to IFR’s science specialists.

Research Programmes: Integrated Biology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Plant Natural Products and Health, Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens, Food Structure and Health.

National Capabilities: National Collection of Yeast Cultures, Food Databanks, Combase

Institute of Food Research
Norwich Research Park

+44 (0)1603 255000

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